Prop Passports and Space Shuttle passes I designed and created for a sci-fi short film "Skywings" (dir. by Fred Park) last fall. 
That graphic design degree always comes in handy.


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Posted May 15, 2013 11:59

ITVS Futurestates Project is finally releasing Season 4 of their programming on April 24, with one of the short films being "The Living" directed by Julian Breece. I was the Production Designer on the project, with Jaime Moss as the Art Director.

Here's the teaser trailer. 

For photos from the production click here <<<

Posted April 20, 2013 19:53

Just wrapped on a short film "You" directed by Polina Gorbacheva, which I production designed. We got to shoot on a helipad in the middle of downtown LA. Really enjoyed this project! I got a chance to be creative with designing a somewhat surreal set up on a roof, complete with grass mats and sculptural objects.

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Posted April 3, 2013 18:22

My obsession for miniature things was fulfilled on my recent job as a prop master for Wundur's spec commercial. 
I had to create a miniature version of a leather Ikea chair. So much fun! Too bad I didn't get to keep it in the end.


Posted September 3, 2012 17:20